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marks the passing of the anchor of the first family of politics. >> pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will some day come to pass for all the world. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >>> i'm shawn yancy. last-minute funeral arrangements for senator kennedy are underway right now including plans to bring him back to our area. >> flags are flyingat half staff tonight at the capitol where kennedy carried out his nearly five-decade career as well as along the national mall and across the country. laura evans starts us off with more on his life and legacy. >> reporter: across the country and around the world people are remembering senator ted kennedy's nearly half century of service spent shaping key policies. he was known as the liberal lion and there is no doubt he left his mark on the history of american politics. >> the work goes on. the cause endures. the hope still lives. and the dreams shall never die. >> reporter: edward kennedy served 47 years in the senate, longer than all but two other senators in u.s. history. but no one can top his legislative a
tonight, a summer hot day only getting worse. thank you for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. >>> and wait until tomorrow if you thought it was bad tonight. it could feel like 100. gary mcgrady has more. >> yes, it can actually feel a little over 100 tomorrow afternoon and evening for a couple of hours. that is because the relative humidity is going to be up fairly high tomorrow. so you get that dreaded heat index that we talk about sometimes that can add at much as 5-7 degrees on top of the actual air temperature. we start off this neveing. earlier we did have thunderstorms up to the east of us. the high definition shong eus what happened, all of it i was is going well off to ithe east. ti had orf a time some of the counties under a thunderstorm watch, but most of it cancelled earlier. the strongest of the activity, g in. pe ursshatofht h pressured temperatures are cooler, last hour we were 88 here, now 82, leesburg is 83. and tomorrow we're under a heat advisory for just about everybody. could feel like it uiis about 1- 103 with the heat of the day. high temperatures tomorrow will be in
cemetery. senator kennedy is reunited with his brothers at last. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'maureen umeh. tonight'surial capped off four days of heart-tugging remembrances from boston to d.c. we have coverage for you. matt ackland is live at arlington national cemetery to get us started. matt? >> reporter: maureen, what an outpouring of love and support for the late senator. his body arrived at and uses -- andrews air force base this afternoon and then taken to the u.s. capitol for a short service there. the procession went through the district for the last time, over the memorial bridge and here to arlington cemetery. the senator was buried where he wanted to be, next to his two brothers. as the late senator's body touched down at andrews air force base, the final leg of the long goodbye began. under police escort, kennedy's casket was escorted first to the united states capitol building for a short service at the foot of the senate steps and as the hearse pulled into sight, thousands of hill staffers and membe of the public began to applaud. kennedy's l
. u.s. park police had to lift a man to safety and the whole thing caught on tape. bob barnard is here with more on the risky rescue. >> reporter: u.s. park police say a 34-year-old man was hiking alone this morning when he fell and broke his ankle. stranded on a mountain about 70 miles southwest of washington, he was rescued by a park police helicopter rescue squad based in anacostia. >> we had national park service rangers call us and say there was an injured hiker might have hurt his ankle in a remote area of shenandoah national pash. so they called us -- national park. so they called us because of the remote area. >> reporter: but finding the man wasn't easy. >> they re giving gps coordinates of his location. we didn't have to spend any time looking for him. >> reporter: he was three- quarters of the way up old rag mountain in shenandoah national park. >> we did an orbit and we could see the hike we are his leg on some rocks. >> that area of the ridgeline is not really a hiking trail. it's more climbing on boulders. >> reporter: david hurley went down to effect the rescue. >> it wa
the ground tried to use his radio to warn the plane and helicopter moments before the impact, but it's unclear if the pilots received that warning. >>> more details now on the top story. the areas of the crash is one of the busiest airspaces in the nation. smaller aircraft in that area are not controlled by air traffic controllers. instead, they use a special radio frequency, informing other pilotsn the area about takeoff times and flight routes. this is a still-developing story. we'll have breaking information as soon as it comes in, plus new reaction on the news edge at 11:00. >>> closer to home, investigators are looking into what caused a plane to crash in maryland killing two people. this one happened in a cornfielnear tnytown wn air t bird with the engine and propeller located in the back. the victims' names have not been released. investigators say the man flying the plane was an experienced pilot. >>> all right. the fox five storm force is working hard on our other big story tonight. a summer scorcher is not too bad out this right now, but just wait. tomorrow's temperatu
a secret. >> i used to come and i would be here for 30 minutes, get all of my stuff to the and we came yesterday at 1:00 and the line was around the mall. >> reporter: the mess here has its roots in the closing of this dmv office in northeast. brentwood service center shut its doors for good last friday. >> they told me i had to come down here. >> reporter: the ripple effect being felt at the three remaining dmv centers. >> this is unacceptable. >> reporter: officials say this will save them $1.6 million in the next fiscal year and they encourage people to use the internet to conduct their business if possible. they online usage is up 36% in the past year. still, there are some things you cannot take care of easily. >> i tried to do it on line. i have an old license number anticipate it has a social security number and they are not accepting that online. >> reporter: we are told there is no good time to show up. morning, news and closing time. >> new, tonight, we are lettering more details about the phone conversation an air traffic controller had moments before a mid-air collision ove
as a backup. he might not just play quarterback. he -- [ inaudible ] there's other ways they could use him but i think why now is just they were the first team that really said we want him. >> all right. dave feldman live at mnt. we're continuing to follow this story on we've posted the very latest on our front page. we'll get more if feldy on the redskins playing tonight a little erl in ate thlater in th >>> now to another big story we are following tonight. one second she's riding along in a car. the next she's not sure she's going to live after a violent crash that could have killed everyone involved. crystal walker is talking to fox 5 about the wreck and the heros who saved her from it. roby chavez has this fox 5 excludes ef. -- exclusive. >> reporter: it's an amazing story of survival. we all watched the accident moments after it happened. chris cal walker and her -- crystal walker ad her friend regina jackson were both in the car and amazed that total strangers came to help. this was the scene seconds after the crash. five people were trapped inside two vehicles at the e
t the future. but with technology, you can prepare for it. nationwide insurance can use aerial pictures of our customers' hos. so after a storm, we can estimate repair costs and get you your money faster, sometimes before your neighbors even start their claims. i'm elizabeth stelzer, and i am on your side. ( elizabeth ) switch to nationwide insurance now. ( man ) call 1-877-nationwide. . >>> this man accused of holding this little boy against his will and that's just the beginning. thanks for joining us this evening. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm laura evans in tonight for brian. police are worried more victims could be out there. >> possibly because of what fox 5 has uncovered. the sex offender status of the main suspect. wisdom martin has new details live in the newsroom. >> reporter: a very dangerous situation. tonight police want to warn parents and get the word out to the public and at the same time show them a picture of the suspect to see fess' tried this type of behavior with any other children. police say it all happened at dick's sporting goods saturday around 1:00 p.m. fa
for hours today. thanks for joining us, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm sarah simmons in for maureen. somenaire's are flat-out drenched. we are talking four to five inches of rain out there. the ground is so saturated it brought down heavy tree limbs. the video now from northwest dc. will the wet weather extend into your sunday? gary mcgrady now live to get us started. >>> to answer that sunday question first, yeah, i think we have more rain in here for tomorrow. but it's not goi l tsa w eat saws a ouyiontme ned,as you men l pesesout to the east of dcof epapndnn aisti repornn as fo rain. ive inch this is much-needed rain, but yown heu start getting over three inches in one 24-hon ur k, that's hard to e.tpe ad a flash flood watch, that's been canceled. d of th seohae haflash flood been canceled. we still do have a flash flood warning in effect for calvert unco that will extend intun lae thtetee evening, early morn hours. there is max hd radar. u atsee wh is taking ple ace w. no t whi ingant to show you aplke ac i t'vaken place. we've been getting a little bits h last 15 to the e east of t
are looking for appearances and we learned more details about what may have happened. thank you for joining us, i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter, that is in a busy district along 4th street northeast. what do you know. >> reporter: brian, shawn, good evening, a lot of mysteries surrounding this one. police discovered earlier the body of one of the pizza owners. they had to break in because there was no spare. and again once they got inside, they found a body. the firefighters were here as well, we're not sure why. but they say the victim was involved in an argument with somebody about 5:30 this morning. lots of unanswered questions as the community worries. they're very hard working people. that is just terrible. that type of thing just really shouldn't happen to nice people like that. >> reporter: a stunned neighbor who lives next door to the silver spring victim who is one of two brothers who own and operate this north washington pizza mart here on 4th street. >> i never had a problem, went in to buy drinks. he was always nice to me. >> reporter: a smart business owner known for bein
parents are still asking tonight, even threatening to keep their kids home. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. >>> i'm sarah simmons in for maureen. it was an all out construction effort at a northeast elementary school but some parents say even if the work is done, the school may not be safe. roby chavez is here to get us started at 10:00. >> reporter: we spoke with several parents today who say they will not send their kids to school tomorrow. today teachers were inside the school working alongside construction workers to get ready for the first day of classes. the last-minute rush to finish has parents concerned. >> i think it's not done. >> reporter: for little lacey, that spells trouble for the first day of school. she will be marked akt-- >> marked absent. >> my daughter won't be going till wednesday. >> reporter: d.c. public schools says the job is complete. still her mom and other parents are concerned about conditions at john burrows elementary. they don't like what they see. >> i've been coming by each day seeing the improvement or the possibility of this school openin
for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. police say the firighter used his county-run e-mail to try to solicit sex from what he thought was a 16-year-old. fox 5's roby chavez live in gaithersburg to start us off tonight. >> reporter: brian, the firefighter has a stellar reputation. he's been on the force with the fire department for some 22 and a half years. he's in charge of operations so he's had contact with many firehouses throughout the county. tonight his colleagues are shocked at the allegation. the veteran high ranking firefighter was busted here in the middle of the parking lot at the holbrooke shopping center in gaithersburg. montgomery county police say it's clear 44-year-old wayne putters head -- muthershead came here to have sex with someone he thought was a teen. >> there was exchange of e- mails. there was an exchange of a phone number. there w confirmation that he understood she was 16 years old, that he understood he would be required to pay for any sexual services rendered. >> reporter: he agreed to all of that-- >> he agreed to all of that. >> reporter
for joining us. i'm maureen umeh in for shawn tonight. >>> i'm brian bolter. the cr inuilty earlier today to dui. his sentence? 180 days in jail, 175 suspended. add to that $1500 fine. he'll only pay $300. bob barnard live in the newsroom. >> reporter: dave baker was alexandria's police chief when he got his dui july 24. that night he reportedly failed five field sobriety tests and had a blood alcohol of .19, more than twice the legal limit. tonight the veteran police official has begun serving a five-day jail sentence for that crime. dave baker will be spending the better part of the next week here at the arlington county detention center. the 58-year-old former alexandria police chief pled guilty to driving drunk three weeks ago when he collided with another car on the ramp to i-66 at fairfax drive. >> i think the way dave sees this is that he is supposed to be a role model. he's supposed to be an example. he made a mistake. and he should pay the appropria price for it. >> reporter: in a fstatement viker says drinking and ri dng is dangerous and against the law. drunk drivers risk tk n
from his house. thank you for joining us, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. collins never made it home, his his boound a block from house. the crime sent shock waves in the area, just one of a string of shootings in the district. fox 5 news roby chavez has more. >> reporter: ryan was one of 11 shooting victims this weekend. family members say that detectives are trying to solve the crime and putting his picture around the neighborhood. nobody has answered the question though, who killed collins and why. >> and i just couldn't believe that somebody would hurt my child, somebody would kill him, leave him in an alley -- like he was nothing. we're talking about a human being. >> reporter: it happened in an instant in this alley, northwest. saturday, ryan collins was riding his bike and killed just a block from his home. by daylight, it showed he was killed among a lot of gunfire, hitting the garage and nearby fence. his family is stunned. >> i don't have a clear understanding. as so how this could possibly happen. i really don't. it is just -- unbelievable. >> reporter: police are
're searching for simmons. wisdom martin starts us off with this one. >> reporter: family members are still waiting for an autopsy report to find out if this is for sure tiffney's body. police are still looking for a suspect. the body that was found in this wooded area on m street still has not been officially identified. but the family of tiffney holesly is sure it's her. >> she was a terrific person. she didn't bother no nobody. >> reporter: the body found was wearing the same clothes and same tattoo tiffney had and it's one block from where her father lives. >> she was a delight to our family. she brought a lot of joy to our family. >> reporter: she was last seen leaving her home on w street southeast at 3:00 p.m. july 24. >> i thoughts she was just over a friend's house, you know. >> reporter: then friday evening a body was found in a wooded area on m street. >> never thought anybody would do something like this to somebody in my family. >> reporter: police have not made a positive identification or released an official cause of death. still no one really knows what happened to tiffney.
moran told us he knew what he was stepping into. >> the voices of the american people should for the be silenced particularly on an issue -- particularly on an issue as important as this. >> reporter: the congressman's mission this night. >> to dispel the myths, inform the constituents, try to hear from them so that we have a good sense of where at least my constituency stands on this critical issue. >> reporter: they stand on both sides for and against a multibillion dollar government takeover of our nation's health care system. >> if my cat can get quality health care, why can't we? >> there is health care available. she needs to pay for it. if she buys health insurance for her cat, why wouldn't she buy it for herself. >> i don't know much about it. a lot of rumors going around. >> reporter: these folks are not from the eighth district. they really don't belong here. >> reporter: this was right wing activist randy taylor. >> abortion is murder. >> reporter: there were boos and cheers for congressman moran's co-host, a former vermont governor who has written a book offering
through 1, 100 -- tore through, 100 mile-per-hour winds, damaging homes and cars. thanks for joining us. >> the national weather service has confirmed not one but two tornadoes ripped through maryland yesterday. one of the hardest hit areas, a small town in iamsville in frederick county. we have more on the damage. >> reporter: you can see how the powerful storm cut a swath through both sides of the road, uprooting and downing trees, flattening an historic barn, knocking down power lines. the storm really packed a punch. >> the wind was just a tremendous roar. >> reporter: dennis carrico who has lived at his home for 23 years says the damage was surreal. >> that's nothing. wait until you see the other side of the house. it's devastating. >> reporter: his wife was at home at the time and heard lot of snapping and popping. >> see that tree up above? that was -- at least 60, 70 feet tall. and it cracked and umbrellaed through the air through my shed down there. >> reporter: all over the area roofers are installing tarp to protect the shingles that are left. >> people have been very fortuna
's the right decision. we got here as quick as we could. look it's the cc. you don't pay for scheduled maintenance, you get the car of your dreams... seriously us, just drive it. you're right. dealer: let's take this one. it's a time-space continuum thing. the future... . >>> a triple threat, high definition radar showing one of three storms in the tropics. her name? claudette, and she is set to make landfall coming up soon. thank you for joining us, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maureen umeh, claudette suddenly got stronger, the effects already felt. the residents in florida taking no chances, stocking up on supplies. this is the first real delete from a storm. sue palka has more. >> it has not come on shore, just a few hours away, but the effects were felt, heavy rain along the panhandle. and it will be a long night with power problems. this is not going to be the worst storm they had, but when the people of florida wento est tot,bed last night, it did not even exist. we'll show you more, it is l tosceran closer to landfall, i'll show you the warnings, they're worried eve
, colorado andthis time, it's getting personal. >> president obama is using his own experience of losing his grandmother just last year to convince the crowd that an overhaul would not include so- called death panels. here's the latest on the health care battle. >> reporter: old faiful bubbling up as the president and first family look on and plenty of emotions spilling over at a healthcare hall in colorado. >> let's not start yelling. >> reporter: the president attempts to lay out his message on healthcare reform at a time when he said his critics are spreading misinformation like government death panels that would decide whether when to euthanize the elderly. >> every time we're inside of reform, special interests start fighting back with everything they have got. they use their influence, they run their ads. >> reporter: the president answering what is a frequently- asked question, what happens if i like my coverage. >> i don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your healthcare. >> reporter: protesters gathering before his appearance, many say the government shouldn't be in the busin
longer, areas you may want to avoid, tonight we'll begin with something that affects us all, get ready for a blast of summer heat, i'm brian bolter. >>> and i'm shawn yancy, we'll see the weather being tracked. >> let'ses like the warmer day this weekend, the hottest day this weekend will be sunday. tomorrow not all that bad, we'll talk about why. you know how gorgeous it was out there today. high temperatures for the three major airports around the area, 86 degrees for reagan international. it is unusual, believe it or not, for reagan international to be the warmer airport, it was 86 today, dulles, cooler, 84, bwi coming in the coolest with temperatures basically coming in at the low 80s out there in the upper 70s. if you will watch with me, we'll look at the graphics, see what is happening. we do have showers and thunderstorms up stream if you will to the northwest. and that is spreading cloud cover in here tonight, most of it is mid-to-upper clouds and what this will do is help us to stay a little cooler for tomorrow. we'll be warmer than today, a little more humidity, temperature u
a metro standpoint, it is an issue for us. we lost an employee last night. the first time in this type of work in over 35 years. >> reporter: again metro says personnel records did not indicate nash was married. a spokesman said official notification was given to a relative in canada. nash's wife had not been home because she was tending to an ailing mother in the hospital. the tough time for this family and the entire metro family, sarah. >> certainly is. thank you. >>> meanwhile metro says the train that nearly overshot a station in march and hit another train was fixed immediately after that incident. the train was on the orange line coming into the potomac station when its operator realized it wasn't going to stop so he hit the emergency brake. when the train stopped, it was only 500 feet from another train. but metro says that incident was blamed on a component on the train and it was not related to the deadly june accident. but that cop point is still -- component is still part of the automatic control system. >>> aaa pushing for big changes on the bay bridge. it was a year ago t
it is to come back and sort of put behind us the tough days of august and to enter the cool days of september and start to act like senators again. where we respect each other, there are differences. you bring the partisanship to the table but work out to differences. >> reporter: but with the liberal lion gone, some are not so sure that the differences over health care reform could be worked out. >> there is no other democrat that could carry the base of the democratic party and get it all done. >> reporter: congress comes together next month and it remains to si f kennedy's life mission will be fulfilled. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> and the senator was too ill to carry on with the current plans. stay with us and we'll take you to the arlington national cemetery to share thoughts of those who were there to pay respects. >>> and tonight, montgomery county the children head back to school tomorrow and in record numbers. 140,000 students were enrolled in the montgomery county schools they believe the economy is partly responsible for the higher numbers because some families have pulled their
entire buildings. tonight the cleanup is just beginning. >>> thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm will thomas. >>> i'm laura evans. brian and shawn are off tonight. today's storms hitting maryland emily hard. check this -- especially hard. check this out. the winds so powerful, they ripped the siding right off this house. maureen umeh is covering the story. what have you been able to find out and what have you seen? >> reporter: the damage here is extensive. we're talking flattened structures and uprooted trees like this massive one. we also have power outages. residents who can have begun to cleanup, but as you can see, there's so much work to be done. >> we just saw big -- saw a big, black cloud coming. >> reporter: it happened in minutes. powerful winds leaving a trail of destruction in the town of ijamsville. this historic barn was blown to bits, just flattened. the roof at the ayay sent house ripped right -- ajie sent house ripped right -- ayay sent house -- adjacent house ripped right off. >> we were scared to death. it really sounded kind of like a buzzing sound outside.
to the conviction of a former u.s. congressman. the fbi just released this video showing louisiana congressman william jefferson taking $90,000 in cash from an f.b.i. informant. the cash was later discovered in his freezer. a jury today convicted jefferson on 11 counts of everything from bribery to racketeering to money laundering. the crimes stem from business deals in africa. the 62-year-old democrat now faces more than 20 years in prison. >>> tonight the two journalists being held in north korea are back on u.s. soil. a happy homecoming. laura ling and euna lee back in the arms of their families after spending months as prisoners. >> reporter: it was the happy ending it a story that could have turned out much differently. >> at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. >> reporter: the official story that journalists euna lee and laura ling captured by the korean government and sentenced to hard labor were released after bill clinton's visit. but the real story behind this mission is more complicated. in recent weeks clinton emerged as the one person that the korean leader would mee
. . >>> get ready for more pain at the pump, the price of gas is going up, despite the fact that u.s. supplies are up, a nationwide average for a gallon is 2.53, and in our region it is about the same. drivers in d.c. are paying an average of 2.48 a gallon, 2.56 in maryland. >>> and be careful, drivers seeing a crackdown. today was the start of the smooth operator program, a campaign that targets aggressive drivers. and for the next six days, police forces will be out there look follow speeders, drunk people or other problems. they will make sure people are buckled up. and repairing work on the rail line at the site of the deadly june crash, one slammed into another, killing nine people and injuring dozens more. the national transportation safety board finished their on- site investigation and it allows metro to begin to replace the circuits there between the rail lines. and the access will continue, through the repairs. >>> and stunning 911 calls shown in a fox 5 news investigation. dispatchers caught on tape, leaving potentionally life or death calls on hold. and that is not the half of it.
revealing the man beyond the politician. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. a celebration of life inside the j.f.k. library tonight as those who knew ted kennedy best told their sties. the service followed two days of public viewing. police estimate 50,000 people streamed inside the museum to pay their respects. but the night belonged to those with inside knowledge of ted kennedy. sherri ly has more on the tributes. >> reporter: senator edward kennedy chose his brother's presidential library for his private memorial service n. death he brought his political rivals together. they shared kennedy's joy, laughter and a call to grant his last wish for health care reform. a who's who of politics pay tribute to senator edward kennedy during a private memorial service at the john f. kennedy library celebrating his life. he loved to make people laugh and they did. >> he would open an event and he'd come out and he'd say, i want to talk to you about a bold, handsome, intelligent leader, a man who should not only be president but should end up on
. >>> and i'm shawn yancy. laura ling and euna lee are headed to the u.s. on a plane. >> on that plane, former president bill clinton, who worked to get them free. more on the story. >> reporter: yes, captive for nearly five months, euna lee and laura ling are on their way home. let's look at the video from fox 5 news, these are the ladies on tharea where they are boarding the plane, est, and tonight we know that their families are so happy? they are finally coming home, two american journalists coming home after former president bill clinton went to visit. they were arrested the north chinese border, and they were accused of being spies, engaging in spy acts, last month, they urged them to grant them freedom. >> the two families expressed great remorse for this incident. and i think everybody is very sorry that it happened. >> reporter: u.s. officials said the plan to have former president bill clinton secure the release of the women was negotiated bfore he landed in pyongyang. at the airport, he was greeted by the top leaders, including their lead negotiator. but at the white house, he wa
this tough time. >> that really touches us, because -- you know. that is not something you expect. so i thank everybody for that. >> reporter: now she says there are 10,0 hydrants in d.c., and less than 150 are out of service. the mayor is promising answers about the water pressure issue in this case. back to you. >> all right, we'll stay on top of that thank you. >>> also new tonight, d.c. police investigate a stabbing at union station. investigators say an amtrak passenger was stabbed at about 7:00 tonight. the victim was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to survive. a female suspect has been taken into custody. >>> we are also following a deadly car crash out of anne arundel county on route four. the police say the driver lost control, ending up there in the woods. two people were killed, both adults. the route four was shut down for hours while a reconstruction team investigated the accident. no word yet on what caused the crash. >>> and montgomery county police tonight ask for your he to solve a mystery. 45-year-old star was found dead in a van a week ago. he had left his job in ann
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